Simplifying Life for Drivers and Service Centers

We are a Czech startup developing a platform for convenient online ordering at trusted service centers at fair prices.

Who We Are

We are car and technology enthusiasts.

We are a technology startup focused on online ordering at service centers at fair prices.

Our Story

The idea for the Czech auto-moto startup was born when we were studying at university. With the purchase of our first car came basic problems associated with owning a vehicle - such as oil changes or tire replacements. We found that prices varied and we were unable to determine the quality of a given service center. We thought that in the 21st century, there should be a platform through which we could find a service center and easily make an appointment - just like there are platforms for accommodations, taxis, food delivery, and supermarkets. But for service centers, there was none.

At that moment, it became clear that we had an opportunity to help not only ourselves but also others. We wanted to provide drivers with a simple website where they could make appointments at service centers and leave reviews, making it easier for other users to make their choices.

After testing more than 435 service centers, we selected 113 truly high-quality centers. However, this number is continually increasing. From the initial idea of simply ordering at a service center, the project has expanded to cover not only service centers but also car washes, detailing centers, vehicle registration, inspection and emission testing, vehicle pickup services, mobile services, insurance, fleet management, assistance with buying used cars, vehicle wraps, and more.


What Are We Trying to Create?

We are trying to create something that does not currently exist and has never existed before, thanks to our website. At, we connect drivers and businesses with trusted service centers where they can conveniently make appointments and know that they will be well taken care of.

What Are We Trying to Achieve?

We are trying to achieve RECOGNITION

Recognition where when someone mentions GetFix, people will know what it means and what we do. We want to gain the trust of drivers in GetFix and at the same time, the trust of service centers in us, knowing that we provide them with information and more clients.


Why Are We Doing All This and Who Is It For?

We do it for everyone who owns cars and wants to have them repaired with quality and speed.

For everyone who wants convenient appointments at service centers.


Users in our network


Verified service centers


Cities across the Czech Republic


Completed orders

Our Team

Kirill Volskiy
Founder and Owner
Ing. Stanislav Toman
Executive Director
Trần Đức Tâm
Business Operations Manager
Radomír Jungbauer
Service Center Manager
Pavel Svoboda
Corporate Client Acquisition
Petr Tesárek
Corporate Client Acquisition
Ondřej Mišák
Data Analyst
Vojtěch Hieke
Jiří Šolc
Senior Consultant
Daniela Titlbachová
UI/UX Designer
Tilek Djakypov
Full-Stack Developer
František Passauer
Full-Stack Developer
Karel Poskočil
Business Manager
Jan Parpel
Business Manager

Our History


The First Idea of a Web Platform Emerges

Development of the MVP website

Testing the demand model and evaluating effectiveness

Evaluation of the demand model as ineffective

Transition to the idea of a portal where clients can directly make appointments at service centers


Establishment of GetFix Holding s.r.o

Custom IT project creation to fund the project

Development of the platform

Introduction of a new business model

Improvement of the web administration for service centers

Implementation and integration with service centers

30 service centers in Prague using the system

Training service centers on the new system

First 40 completed orders

Bug fixing and platform enhancements


Improvement of the Service Center Network and Expansion of Features

Active addition of partners

Development of auxiliary products for service centers

Development of a new version of the driver's profile

Establishment of subsidiary GetFix Solutions and preparation for investor entry


Investor Entry and Full-Time Focus on the Project

Allocation of all capacities to

Achievement of 500 users

100 partners in 10+ cities in the Czech Republic

Generated revenue for service centers: 20,000 EUR

Confirmed company valuation: 4,000,000 EUR

Investor entry

Initiation of the development of a mobile application for service centers

Generated revenue for service centers: 20,000 EUR


Utilizing the Investment, Team Expansion, and Expansion into Regional Cities

Launch of the mobile application for service centers

Initiation of the development of a mobile application for drivers

Launch of the corporate profile for fleet management

Achievement of 1,500 users

200 partners in 70+ cities in the Czech Republic

Generated revenue for service centers: 160,000 EUR

Preparation for collaboration with Bolt, OMV, Edenred, Slevomat, and other companies


Companies We Collaborate With

What Do We Offer?

We connect individuals and businesses with trusted service centers throughout the Czech Republic. We strive to provide the most convenient way to make online appointments at service centers. With our advanced filtering system, we offer specific services tailored to your needs.

For Drivers

We offer you the best and fastest deals with an ideal price-to-quality ratio. You will always receive a handover protocol for your order, as well as a service protocol upon completion.

For Service Centers

Don't let your potential customers go to the competition just because you weren't where they were looking. With GetFix, you can gain new customers who will fill the gaps in your calendar.

For Businesses

We present a service for corporate customers, offering payment on invoice, personal assistance, and an intelligent system. You can have an overview of your vehicles, repairs performed, and all drivers.

Let's meet up!

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