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We are giving away 1 million crowns to non-profit organizations

We decided to help non-profit organizations, because care for the well-being and health of others is needed more than ever in this difficult time. Therefore, during this year, in turn, we offer our assistance to just such people, for a total amount of 1 million CZK.

It does not matter if the organization has ten or only one car. It is important that the organization takes care of those who cannot take care of themselves - be it nature, endangered animals, children, the sick, the disabled or the elderly, and they cannot do without functional vehicles. We help select non-profit organizations maintain fleets.

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How does it work?

Getting our help is easy

  1. The non-profit organization registers for the “GetFix helps” program using the form.
  2. GetFix will select from the registered organizations the one that will receive a voucher for the service of its fleet in a given month.
  3. GetFix will contact the selected organization and individually determine the amount of service provided free of charge.
  4. The organization registers itself and its vehicle / a on
  5. After selecting the ideal service on, the required service and a suitable date, the organization will use the voucher that was given to it.
  6. Fill in form

Great competition for free service

In addition to helping non-profit organizations, GetFix also organizes the Big Free Service Competition, in which drivers win 3 service vouchers each week.