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Promotion of your service on the Internet

Online presentation and promotion is an integral part of every business. Our platform is unique in that it helps you gain new clients and fill in the gaps in your calendar.

Our platform consists of an interactive map on which drivers can search for service according to the required criteria and order a specific date and service. The interactive map includes over 50 services provided, from more than 140 services throughout the Czech Republic. For greater visibility, individual services can use the TOPING tool, which will increase the visibility of their services.

References from clients.

The service market is based primarily on recommendations. Therefore, clients have the opportunity to choose services according to the evaluation of previous GetFix users. We make sure that each of our users evaluates their experience with the service properly, and that the evaluations are as relevant as possible, it can only be left by a user who has actually placed an order via GetFix.

Partner services

Services that have a long-term high rating from users and adhere to the high standard of services provided will receive the "Partner Service" badge after a certain period of cooperation. This serves as a symbol of long-term satisfaction of our users.

Bonuses for partner services

With a higher level of trust, partner services gain enhanced promotion features, such as creating discounts and promotions.

No flat fees

We do not charge for creating your online profile, displaying on the map, promoting the service and bringing in new clients. Our goal is to establish cooperation with services throughout the Czech Republic and provide our users with the widest possible range of services.

The only fee for using the GetFix platform that you will find with us is in the case of a successfully completed order. The fee is 15% of the price of the work and 5% of the price of the material of the price without VAT. If the client ordered and did not arrive, or you were forced to reject the order, no fees are charged.

Photo documentation and order history

Communication with the client regarding the progress of the order and its status can be a very time consuming process. Therefore, you can manage the order process with photo documentation in the system, to which the client will always have access and can thus monitor the status of their order.

Are you constantly dealing with memory on your phone, due to the proliferation of repair photos?

Thanks to us, you no longer need to have any photos on your phone. We will be happy to provide you with unlimited space on our servers, where you can store photos. Take pictures directly into the orders, we will solve the rest.

Tired of sending photos to the client and answering questions?

Not only you but also the client have access to the order information. If you insert photos with the progress of the repair, the client will see them and will not need the photos for you.

GetFix order management

Accepting the order

If the deadline suits you and you are able to provide the service, you can accept the order. After receiving the order, the client will receive an SMS confirming the date, telephone and address of your service.

Order modification

If you receive an order that is created for an unsuitable date or contains insufficient information about the vehicle, you have the option of arranging a new date with the client or requesting the delivery of the necessary information. After arranging a new date, you can easily edit and confirm the order.

After confirming the order, the client will again be sent an SMS with a new new date.

Order rejection

If you receive an order that you evaluate as unfulfilled due to time or other options, you may reject it. There are no penalties or fees for rejecting an order. The client will be redirected to another service and informed about the status of his order via SMS.

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