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As simple as your wall calendar

Order management tool

In collaboration with the services, we have created an order and reservation management tool that is as easy to use as a wall calendar.

Creating a new reservation will not take you more than 30 seconds and you do not have to deal with anything else. The rest is taken care of by the GetFix system.

What does the order management system offer?

One-click appointment

After you agree with the client on the date in which he will stop at your service, you can easily make a reservation in the system.

What the use of the system will bring you:

1. Interactive Calendar - All days on which you have made reservations or orders are marked in green.

2. SMS gateway - By checking the box for sending SMS notifications, send the potential client booking information with the date, address and your contact details.

3. Booking management - If a client requests a change of date, you can simply edit it and send a text message to the client confirming the new reservation.

Creating your own orders

The moment the client arrives, you will create an order from the reservation. Based on the order, a handover protocol will be generated for you, which you will sign with the client. Any note can also be added to the order.

Creating orders via the GetFix system is very flexible. The order can be brief, only with the price and basic data, but also more extensive with a detailed description. How you fill out the order is up to you.

Advantages of creating your own orders:

1. Finding a date - When creating an order, you can clearly see what you have planned for each day and time. You can then easily find the nearest free date.

2. Whispering services - When listing reserved services, the system will whisper specific services from our database. If it is a non-standard service, you simply add it to the order manually.

3. Sending an SMS - after creating an order, the client will receive a message containing your contact details, address and details about the booked date.

TIP: You can also add photos to the order to document the condition in which you took over the vehicle. This serves for your protection in case of problems with complaints.

Generation of handover and service protocols

A signed order from a client with an expected order price is always a security. Therefore, you can fill in the expected scope of work and the price estimate in the handover protocol. Of course, you also need to enter important information about the vehicle, such as:

  • Make and model of the car
  • License plate
  • VIN
  • fuel tank condition
  • Mileage
  • expected settlement date
  • whether the deposit has been paid
  • supporting documents
  • small technical card (YES / NO)
  • large technical card (YES / NO)
  • return of defective parts (YES / NO)
  • date of subsequent MOT
  • acceptance status (vehicle condition description)
  • proposed solution
  • note
  • photo of a car for documentation of defects

To prove the performed actions and the price, you subsequently generate a service report. To generate a service report, you must first complete the order in the system, where you will describe the work performed and the material used. A service log will be generated immediately afterwards. The generated invoice can also be entered into the system so that it is always at hand.

The handover and service protocols are always generated in two copies. In addition, you will always receive a copy by e-mail.

TIP: You can take a picture of the signed handover and service protocol and insert it into the order. If you lose the paper version you will have an electronic one as a reserve.

SMS client notifications

If you use GetFix to the fullest, communication with clients will be largely taken over by the system. Forget sms, booking reminders and more. Through our sms gateway, developed especially for our service partners, you have sms completely automated and worry-free.

Confirmed order

When creating your own order in the system, or confirming an order that you receive via GetFix, we will send an SMS to the client with a confirmation. This report will contain all the following information: service name, address, order date and phone number for possible cancellation or postponement of the date by the client.

Order adjustment (date, price and time)

If you adjust the date, time or price of the order, the client will receive an SMS message stating what changes were made to the order.

Order reminder

Did it happen to you that the client did not arrive because he forgot the agreed date?

If so, you no longer have to worry. GetFix will remind the client of the approaching order date the day before.

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